How Do Bryce Harper’s Details Contrast with Barry Bonds as of right now in His Vocation?

How Do Bryce Harper's Details Contrast with Barry Bonds as of right now in His Vocation?

I’ve got breaking news for you: Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper is really good at baseball.

Ideally, this isn’t really breaking news since he set up together an amazing season in transit to winning the 2015 National Association MVP grant. Subsequent to indicating flashes of splendor through his initial three MLB seasons, Harper at last set up it all together and vaulted himself in front of everybody when it went to the civil argument of who baseball’s best player is (yes, a few even believe he’s superior to anything Mike Trout).

On the heels of a year in which he posted a .330/.460/.649 line with 42 home runs, 99 RBI and 118 runs scored, one would imagine it’s pretty hard to actually get better, but that seems to be the case for the 23-year-old. Through his first 64 at-bats of 2016, he’s slashing a ridiculous .328/.430/.844 with nine home runs and 24 RBI.

For some context, he “only” slugged .545 and hit five homers with 15 RBI through the end of April last year. So, he’s nearly doubled his homer RBI totals from last year, and has a few days left to make it happen.

With Harper’s otherworldly performance right now, he’s drawing some pretty incredible comparisons. One of those includes the current (depending on who you ask, I guess, but he officially is) home run king, Barry Bonds. Now that Bonds is a hitting coach for the Miami Marlins, he’s much more accessible to the media these days, so they got to ask him about the comparison.

In typical Bonds fashion, this is what he said (quote via Washington Times):

“He ain’t compared to me yet. He’s got a long way to go to get comparison to me. He ain’t even close to me. But, he’s one hell of a ball player. I watch him and admire him. I look at him and I’m in awe because you don’t see that often. It’s like I saw [Giancarlo] Stanton take swings … for my eyes to get real big and go, ‘Wow,’ you’ve got to be something special. I see that in them. I see him, I see it in Stanton. I see it in a lot of players.”

Understandably so, he went on to say he’d put guys like Harper in the “wow” category if he could do it every year for the next decade or so. But what about right now? First-year Nationals manager Dusty Baker recently said Harper is ahead of Bonds when comparing each at this point in their career. He should know — he managed Barry for quite some time.

Well, who the heck is right? In an effort to try and use some solid evidence to compare the two, we decided to see how their stats line up against one another through a similar number of games played.


Should these measurements be brought with a grain of salt? You wager they ought to, however’s regardless it intriguing to perceive how their exhibitions match up when put one next to the other.

Bonds was an alternate sort of hitter toward the begin of his vocation before quickly ascending the profession grand slam list. In addition, he’s the main player in MLB history with no less than 500 homers and 500 stolen bases, so it’s not astonishing he has Harper beat in that classification.

Yet, everything else that matters to individuals? Harper has a leg up — homers, RBI, batting normal, on-base rate and slugging rate. He’s struck out significantly more than Barry, however the measure of strolls (deliberate and unexpected) are fundamentally a wash.

Is Harper on the same level as Bonds? I’ll take Barry’s side in this debate and say no, not yet. However, if Harper continues his insane on-field performance for the foreseeable future, he could easily have a case. And don’t forget, he’s only 23 years old, which is equally insane.

*Bryce Harper’s stats current through April 26, 2016. Stats via Baseball-Reference and

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